Rugby World Cup Japan National Team “Challenge with Ireland” September 23, 18:57

After the first practice of Rugby in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, four players had a press conference and talked about their ambitions for the next match with Ireland, the biggest enemy of the first league.

Among them, Shiro Tanaka, 34-year-old scrum half who played in the first match against Russia and showed a fast-paced judgment, said, “We must absolutely win 3 in the first league to advance to the best 8. If we can win, we can relax and fight the other two games.I want to try my best in an important game, ”he said.

Prof Val Asaeri, the prop from Russia, said, “Ireland has a strong forward, and Scrum pushes more than the team that has played so far. We must have a strong feeling that each person will stop.” I was tightened.

Also, Rock's Heluwe, who belongs to Yamaha Motor, a top league based in Shizuoka, said, “The next game will be held at your home, so it will be a special game. “Japan will win because it ’s a match.”