J1 Nagoya Kazama's dismissal announcement to Fikkadenti's new director on September 23 at 17:24

The soccer J1 and Nagoya Grampus officially announced the dismissal of Yasuhiro Kazama due to sluggish performance, and was replaced by Mr. Massimo Fikkadenti from Italy who had coaching experience at J1 FC Tokyo and Sagan Tosu. Did.

Grampus has been in 2nd place until the beginning of May. This season, with Kazama, the third year in office, Grampus is an aggressive soccer and the first three consecutive wins in the J1 league.

However, after that, the position was lowered, for example, there was no victory for 3 months because the defense was not stable, and the difference in the points from the 16th place where there is a possibility of J2 relegation to 11th place is close to “4” It is.

With 8 remaining league matches, Grampus decided to dismiss Director Kazama, and officially announced on the 23rd.

The successor was Mr. Massimo Fikkadenti (51) from Italy who has supervision experience at J1 FC Tokyo and Sagan Tosu.

New director Fikkadenti said, “We will make a team with the spirit of fighting to the end, pursuing victory if it was an attacking and defending attack soccer,” commented through the team.