Former Al Dhaid coach, technical analyst Mohammed Saeed Al Tunaiji, confirmed that Al Wahda team remains one of the strongest candidates to compete for the shield of the Arabian Gulf League, despite the loss suffered by Fujairah in the first round of the Arabian Gulf League, in comparison to the potential of its players and technical and administrative staff. The start of the league is an important lesson for teams looking to win the championship.

Al-Tunaiji identified eight reasons that led to the loss of unity and paved the way for the victory of Fujairah.

1. Lessons of the past

Al-Tunaiji said that the unit did not benefit from the previous lessons of relying on the team's collective contributed to the loss. He added: «Annabi was affected by injury Kamali and the loss of Tigali opportunities and tightening control over Ismail Matar, which lost the coach solutions, unlike Fujairah, which relied on all its members to replace his star Brazilian Gabriel, despite his great technical potential ».

2 - relax

Al-Tunaiji blamed the players for the loss because they thought the game was easy, and that getting the three points is only a matter of time, adding a kind of relaxation to the players, due to the lack of mental preparation required by the technical and administrative staff, and not explaining the difference Between the league championship and the Arabian Gulf Cup as required.

3 - wrong view

Al-Tunaiji confirmed that Al-Wahda coach Maurice Stein based his technical evaluation of Fujairah on the meeting between the two teams in the Arabian Gulf Cup, when Al-Wahda won 3-1, and did not realize the potential of Fujairah's technical, especially in the defense area, which gave «wolves» an opportunity to pounce on the game. The nail has three points.

4- The reality of Fujairah

Former Al Dhaid coach said that Fujairah team respected its guests and faced them realistically through a balanced tactic Algerian coach Majid Bougherra and the players applied it on the ground, by narrowing the spaces on the keys of unity, especially in front of both Ismail Matar and Tighali, and taking advantage of half the opportunity to score a goal the win.

5. Administrative support

Al-Tunaiji said that the Algerian coach Majid Bouguerra benefited from the support provided by the Fujairah administration in all respects, especially from the moral point of view to prove himself as the first non-citizen coach to succeed with the team, which gave him a strong motivation to lead the team correctly in front of the unit and achieve the first win at home season.

6 - The audience pause

Al-Tunaiji said that Al-Fujairah fans are linked to coach Majid Bougherra with good relations dating back to the first season of «Wolves» in the Arabian Gulf League, when he was a player in the team and led Fujairah to stay, and this was evident in the game Al-Wahda, where the audience attended the team training before the game Strongly in the stands during the game, give players a significant moral dose.

7- Buffon, Darwish and Saleh

Al-Tunaiji said that the stability of the Fujairah goalkeeper Ismail Abdullah, nicknamed «Buffon» on his level, and the outstanding performance presented by Ahmed Darwish and Abdullah Saleh, were the most important keys to the victory of Fujairah, and that their continuation of this performance in a balanced manner with the rest of the team will make Fujairah a season reinforced by positive results .

8- Bouguerra's ambition

Mohammed Al Tunaiji considered the tactical discipline of the players and the desire of coach Majid Bouguerra to achieve the first victory at home and rely on a technical and disciplinary approach, strengthened the team's fortunes in the meeting Al Wahda, and stressed that the victory of Fujairah on Al Wasl in the Arabian Gulf Cup with a goal without reply was deserved.