Volleyball Women's World Cup Japan loses to the United States 2 wins 4 losses 9/23 0:22

In the Volleyball Women's World Cup, Japan fell into the power of the United States, but lost to the end of the full set, and the overall result was 2 wins and 4 losses.

In the Volleyball Women's World Cup, which will be the prelude to the Tokyo Olympics next year, Japan played against the United States, which ranked third in the world ranking in Sapporo, on the 22nd.

In Japan, the first set, Yuki Ishii's spike and Erika Araki's haste score, etc., brought them into the competition, but dropped 24 to 26.

The second set is the younger sister of the male ace Yuki Ishikawa, who scored 19-year-old Makoto Ishikawa and scored 25-to-22, but the third set dropped 21-to-25 and the second Four sets were also lead by 20-23.

Japan lost the score for 5 consecutive times with Ishikawa's attack and block, and showed the tenacity of taking this set, but the final 5th set suddenly lost 5 consecutive goals and dropped to 8-15, set count 2 Lost against 3

The tournament is decided by round robins with 12 teams, and Japan is ranked 9th with 2 wins and 4 losses.