• Chronicle.Benzema breaks the hex of Pizjuán and makes Real Madrid co-leader

A Madrid sofronizado by its own need, for once played as a team, as a whole. Thats weird. And we have learned something important in the future of Madrid. The players want Zidane to follow. Just look at the implication of Bale and James , who look like pawns in a work rather than steles of their glorious past. See Ramos without elucubrar. Even Hazard thinner than ever at the time of running, although it does not resemble even 50% of that player who played at Chelsea.

Now, having said all this, the game was vomitive, without a source of contagion of good football, with a number of intertwined errors, which merged more with that starched Seville, unable to make a single goal chance or at the door of the same glory. With how easy it was to mark the chaotic white team.

It was not necessary to know much to discern that Seville was a pale and feverish reflection of the king of the glasses . That is, Mr. Lopetegui , who has a style of play matched with slowness, which he already tried in Madrid with a game rather than lazy, when with him Madrid did not score a goal or in training.

I saw Sevilla against Celta at home and he failed and, the other day, although he won by a win, if it had not been for a chicharro of lack of Chicharito he would not have scored a goal to the famous Qarabag, which has the name of the magician of the carpets from Azerbaijan.

I can not continue with the shame of Lopetegui, which I do not think I reach the end of the season in the Nervión. Even if it is a lot or a little Madrid, you can't play with only one forward, with the De Jong trunk and with five midfielders who are not exactly starters.

And I close in band, because otherwise I would fall hail from all the white clouds, because it would be to put stones in the path of a Real Madrid victorious finally in Seville. I will not be the one to introduce the bicha of that phrase that I have heard from Madridistas, in the sense that this triumph is great for Zidane and bad for Madrid. Vade retro satan of the ball.

In any case, it is as if Madrid had used an iconographic image of Zidane and put it in a precious reliquary for the silver cup. Bravo for the Reliquary of the Royal Monastery of the Incarnation of Madrid, which is beautiful, although I don't think it contains the image of Zidane.

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