The Eredivisie Sunday is dominated by PSV Ajax, which started at 4.45 p.m. At the same time the kick-off was at ADO Den Haag-AZ and earlier in the day FC Emmen-Feyenoord (3-3) and sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht (1-1) were played. Follow everything here live.

  • Eredivisie
  • LIVE:
  • PSV Ajax 1-1
  • ADO-AZ 0-1
  • Results:
  • Heerenveen-Utrecht 1-1
  • Emmen-Feyenoord 3-3

PSV-Ajax · a few seconds ago

81 'PSV goes after the equalizer in search of a lead. A shot from Bruma passes a meter.

ADO Den Haag-AZ · one minute ago

75 'GOAL AZ! 0-1

Teun Koopmeiners uses the penalty.

ADO Den Haag-AZ · 2 minutes ago

75 'Penalty for AZ! The Alkmaarders receive a penalty after a foul on Gudmundsson.

PSV-Ajax · 4 minutes ago

78 'GOAL PSV! 1-1

Donyell Grind! The attacker is deeply controlled by substitute Gakpo and hits the ball in a controlled manner. It is the same at the Philips Stadium.

PSV-Ajax · 5 minutes ago

76 'A double substitution with PSV. Jorrit Hendrix leaves the field and is replaced by Cody Gakpo. Olivier Boscagli came on for Michal Sadílek.

PSV-Ajax · 7 minutes ago

Ajax is ahead for the first time since March 20, 2016 in Eindhoven, in the Eredivisie. Then Arek Milik opened the score in Eindhoven and eventually won 0-2.

ADO The Hague-AZ · 7 minutes ago

69 'Great opportunity for AZ. Gudmundsson can play freely for the keeper, but the Icelander shoots high.

PSV-Ajax · 9 minutes ago

Quincy Promes is playing against PSV for the third time today and, just like in those previous games, he will also score against the Eindhoven players today. In those previous two games Promes wore the shirt of FC Twente (2013/2014).

ADO The Hague-AZ · 10 minutes ago

66 'AZ is getting stronger and stronger. After the perilous moment for Koopmans' goal, Stengs shot just wide from the distance.

PSV-Ajax · 13 minutes ago

69 'There is Donny van de Beek's return. The midfielder comes into the field after a month of injuries and replaces David Neres.

ADO The Hague-AZ · 14 minutes ago

63 'There Koopmans is put to work for the first time this match, and by his own defender. Shaquille Pinas almost shoots the ball into his own goal.

ADO The Hague-AZ · 15 minutes ago

61 'ADO trainer Alfons Groenendijk is also going to change. Bilal Ould-Chikh replaces Elson Hay.

PSV-Ajax · 15 minutes ago

66 'An excellent opportunity for PSV to tie the score, but Bruma is not focused. The attacker is completely free after a nice cross by Ihattaren, after which the Portuguese shoots wide.

ADO The Hague-AZ · 17 minutes ago

60 'ADO and AZ continue on the same footing after the break. Little is still happening in The Hague. Arne Slot did, however, use his second substitution. Boadu is being replaced by Zakaria Aboukhlal.

PSV-Ajax · 19 minutes ago

63 'GOAL Ajax! 0-1

Tadic finds Promes, who needs very little space and sticks the ball in the left corner. Ajax leads in Eindhoven.

PSV-Ajax · 20 minutes ago

Even after the break, the squatter between PSV and Ajax will not let go. Both teams give each other little room, which does not benefit the game.

PSV-Ajax · 23 minutes ago

58 'Ihattars with the best possibility for PSV so far. The attacker curls a free kick from around twenty meters towards the intersection, but Onana responds alertly.

PSV-Ajax · 28 minutes ago

54 'A distance shot from Dest sails high over.

ADO The Hague-AZ · 28 minutes ago

49 'That it is still 0-0 in the Cars Jeans Stadium can be called special. The stadium in The Hague has already scored sixteen times this season, including five goals from AZ and four from ADO. Only in De Grolsch Veste have players often found the goal, seventeen times.

PSV-Ajax · 31 minutes ago

50 'Zoet goes straight after a header by Veltman and taps the ball out of the crossing. Ajax insists.

ADO The Hague-AZ · 32 minutes ago

46 'The match will also resume in The Hague.

PSV-Ajax · 33 minutes ago

48 'Ziyech takes the goal of Sweet under fire. His hard shot goes long.

PSV-Ajax · 34 minutes ago

48 'There, Sweet is released with a fright. The PSV final goal shoots a kick against Ziyech, but the Moroccan international then loses the ball and therefore cannot profit.

PSV-Ajax · 35 minutes ago

46 'Ihattaren has a lot of space and steams through the right flank. The attacker then does not give the ball a good shot and a potential chance is lost.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord · 36 minutes ago

Strain irritated after point loss
Jaap Stam is disturbed by the way Feyenoord lost points in the match with FC Emmen. "I am shocked. It is frustrating that the boys have shown that they can do it and then it is very unfortunate that something creeps in again: playing at a slower pace, losing the ball, not being in the right positions anymore and the no longer play the ball in between. " According to the Feyenoord coach, this is not the first time that Feyenoord has fallen far back during a match. "We have to get out of it. With all due respect, we should have won this competition. I am irritated and that is very normal."

PSV-Ajax · 37 minutes ago

46 'No changes at both PSV and Ajax. The competition will resume.

PSV-Ajax · 40 minutes ago

For the first time since PSV-Ajax on September 22, 2013, no goals were scored in Eindhoven before the break. At the time PSV struck after the break: 4-0.

ADO The Hague-AZ · one hour ago

Peace! The first 45 minutes have passed in The Hague and little has happened. Both teams could not create serious opportunities. The most important moment of the first half was the bloody nose of AZ midfielder Dani de Wit, which forced him to leave the field moments later.

PSV-Ajax · one hour ago

For the first time this Eredivisie season, Ajax will not score before the break.

ADO The Hague-AZ · one hour ago

45 + 1 'Chance for Myron Boadu, but he is aiming the ball at the goal. Debuting ADO keeper Koopmans does not have to take action yet.

PSV-Ajax · one hour ago

Peace! PSV and Ajax go to the changing rooms after a moderate first half with a 0-0 score.

PSV-Ajax · one hour ago

45 + 1 'With a beautiful sham movement, Tadic creates space for itself to get out of it. The Serbian, however, must recognize his earlier in Sweet, who with an excellent reflex keeps the ball out of his goal.

PSV-Ajax · one hour ago

44 'That doesn't matter much. A directional shot from Bruma ends up on the roof of the goal. Will the opening goal fall before half time?

PSV-Ajax · one hour ago

41 'PSV insists. Timo Baumgartl places the ball in front of himself and shoots half a meter wide from the edge of the penalty area.

ADO The Hague-AZ · one hour ago

40 'Five minutes before the break and the keepers of both teams have not yet been put to work seriously.

PSV-Ajax · one hour ago

40 'Malen drags the ball in front, but Veltman is alert and hits the ball into the stands. PSV can still take a corner.

PSV-Ajax · one hour ago

38 'Promes fails to give Ajax the lead! The flank player enters the one-two with Tadic and gets the chance to open the score up close. However, Promes does not have its sights on and the ball hits the wrong side of the post.

PSV-Ajax · one hour ago

Jeroen Zoet has already made three saves after half an hour. In the previous five Eredivisie games of PSV this season, Zoet made a total of 7 saves (one save per 64 minutes).

PSV-Ajax · one hour ago

35 'Sadílek is the first PSV person to receive a print. The Czech is standing on Tadic's foot and has to pay for it with yellow.

PSV-Ajax · one hour ago

34 'Ziyech fires a free kick into the head of Tadic, who heads past.

PSV-Ajax · one hour ago

It is still 0-0 after half an hour. Last season the final score of 3-0 was already on the scoreboard after 35 minutes.

PSV-Ajax · one hour ago

32 'With an acrobatic blow, Malen shoots wide from the edge of the penalty area.

PSV-Ajax · one hour ago

The squatter in Eindhoven still has to ignite after half an hour.

ADO The Hague-AZ · one hour ago

25 'There have not been many exciting moments in the first 25 minutes of this game. The most dangerous moments came from ADO The Hague. A long shot from Goossens was hard, but went over. And Crysencio Summerville slides through the AZ defender, but also aims the ball a bit too high.

PSV-Ajax · one hour ago

28 'What an opportunity for Tagliafico to open the score! Tadic pulls the ball hard and with some luck reaches the Argentinian, who trumps Ihattaren. Tagliafico, however, sees his efforts end up on the legs of Zoet.

PSV-Ajax · one hour ago

26 'Neres dribbles into the penalty area from the left flank and takes out. Sweet reacts alert and grabs the ball tightly.

ADO The Hague-AZ · one hour ago

The applause for Fernando Ricksen in the picture. #ADOaz

Avatar Author ADO The Hague 🔰Moment of places17: 11 - 22 September 2019

PSV-Ajax · one hour ago

25 'Ihattaren does not see that Bergwijn is completely free on the right flank and does his best. His shot is blocked by an Ajax leg.

ADO The Hague-AZ · one hour ago

22 'Dani de Wit has to leave the field. He is bothered too much by his bloody nose that he sustained earlier in the game after a collision with Tom Beugelsdijk. Albert Gudmundsson is his replacement.

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