Rugby World Cup Fukuoka is back or the strengthening chairperson shows the possibility of September 22 14:40

Regarding Japan's main player of the Rugby World Cup, Kureki Fukuoka, who was out of the opening round due to injury, Yuichiro Fujii, chairman of the Japan Rugby Association, said, “It has recovered until it can run almost at top speed.” , Showed the possibility of early return.

Fukuoka player is expected to play an important role as the representative of Japan with a speed of 50 meters running in 5 seconds 8 but is expected to play a major role in the national team. The first match against Russia, which was the opening game, was removed from the list.

The Japan Rugby Association Chairman Fujii Chairman said in a morning press conference in Tokyo about the condition of Fukuoka players, saying, “I recovered until I ran almost at the top speed in the practice of yesterday. The possibility of early return was shown.

As for the number eight Amanaki Leray Mafi, who was hurting his right shoulder in the same test match, he explained, “It's a full practice and it's no longer injured.”

The youngest member of the team, Atata Moaquiora, also met, “The Japanese issue is thought to be kicking. If you can play, take the ball, then put more counters on the counter. "I want to make it."

The Japanese national team will move to Hamamatsu City, the camp site, on the afternoon of October 22 for the match against Ireland, which is ranked first in the world ranking at the Ecopa Stadium in Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture, this month.