Rugby World Cup France National Team Experiences Japanese Culture September 23 0:04


Rugby World Cup players from France participated in an event to excite the tournament held in Fuchu City, Tokyo, and enjoyed interaction with citizens.

This event was held by Fuchu City, Tokyo, and 14 people participated on the 22nd, including players from the French national team who practiced during the tournament in the city.

The players enjoyed interacting with the citizens by experiencing Japanese culture such as koto and shakuhachi performances and Japanese dance, as well as receiving handmade national flags and thousand cranes from local junior high school students.

Vice President Serge Simon of the French Rugby Association said, “I was impressed to have experienced a part of Japanese culture today. I want to support you from the team.”

A junior high school boy in the city said, “The French players were very friendly. We want to support the players and make the Rugby World Cup more exciting.”

Fuchu City is known as one of the most popular rugby regions, with two top league teams headquartered. Events such as public viewing will be held mainly on Saturdays and Sundays during the tournament.