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Sergio Reguilón (Madrid, 1996) arrived in Seville in summer after running out of space at Real Madrid . Zidane had made it clear that in his new project, pure trapntojo, Marcelo would continue to have his place secured at eleven. Despite the good feelings conveyed by the side emerged from the quarry, which had debuted in the Champions League with Lopetegui and had gained ownership with Solari , Florentino put 48 million on the table to hire Ferland Mendy as an alternative in the left lane, just a year older than Reguilón, indisputable at Olympique de Lyon and with a dubious start with the white team in the first sets of the season.

Assigned players, like unfaithful lovers, must earn affection from the bottom up, a transit from the most absolute distrust to the cautious affection of the stands. The ceded are suspicious of everything. To arrive by chance, to be in disgust, to look where they should not put it. «Minutes» is the only thing that Reguilón asked for. Time, but also an ambitious project, with aspirations, so that a dynamiter of the band like him could shine, convince and return quickly to the team of his heart.

Indisimulated is his interest in becoming big in Madrid. That is why he sought, with no more contractual relationship than a season, without anchoring or small print, a club that would lend itself to be his stage for a handful of functions. Sevilla accepted, because he also won. At a stroke, and without cost, he found a replacement for Escudero , irregular in recent years, and darkened the broken one that dragged in recent times on his sinister side. Its weak point.

Amavi's check- up , Carole's inconsistency, Wöber's brevity, Promes ' engagement and Arana's softness. A black hole. Only Escudero has persisted, but Reguilón has landed on the Sánchez-Pizjuán like a tornado. He made his debut in the Liga against Espanyol and was the best of the team and of the day. Bold and explosive on the way to the area and, once there, tempered and with criteria to finish the play. He even scored. «It's a very special day for me, my first goal in the First Division. No matter who makes the goals, it is true that it is very special, because I am not used to making goals, ”he said after the game.

Against Real Madrid he will play a unique match, it will be like facing his own shadow, as in a video game. The adversary's shield is still fresh under his. If he scores, he won't celebrate it, out of respect for the club that has given him everything. In Seville they understand the roots of each one but, in front of the white team, the Nervians live a very particular duel, marked, above all, by the erratic behavior of Sergio Ramos every time he steps on the grass of Sánchez Pizjuán, an operetta with doses of revenge, strange conciliation, over-forgiven forgiveness and desire for goal. A love that is already impossible between a hobby that neither forgives nor forgets and that, barely, conceals.

Chop with the captain

Reguilón and Sergio Ramos starred last season a touch in the training that is now used as a show of character of the side that this Sunday will wear the elastic Sevilla. The intensity of the quarry brought the captain off. The veteran patted the young man to mark ground. Everything was in good words, but the facts showed that Reguilón has not reached football to pay homage, but to eat the world. In Sevilla he has managed to balance the manco game of the team. With Navas on the other side, the performance on the left paled. Now the set plays more orderly, symmetrical and settled. The leader of the League is allowed to give depth to the center of the field, facilitating the association, making his game more unpredictable, bypassing the rival rockiness. A plan that goes by leaving the road expeditious to the sides, very long, fast and tempered.

Lopetegui knew what he earned with him and insisted. This Sunday both face the team that, a few months ago, joined them and that today is another rival in their meritorious adventure as leaders of Primera.

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