Rugby World Cup Japan National Team wins first match exchange with children September 21 17:08

On the 21st of the night after the match, the Japanese players who won the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament participated in an event to promote the competition and interacted with children.

The Japanese national team made a good start after winning Russia in the opening round of the Rugby World Cup.

On the 21st of the night, almost all the representatives of Japan, including captain Reach Michael, participated in an event held in Tokyo to promote the spread of rugby as a result of the tournament, and interacted with more than 100 children.

First, Reach players said, “I want to show the greatness of the Japanese national team today. Let's enjoy together.” After that, the players showed off the pass and lineout.

In addition, Yu Tamura, the command tower, cheered when he kicked the ball toward the audience seat with children.

Kotaro Matsushima, who decided three trials in the opening game, was asked by the child about the time for 50 meters, and answered with a smile, “It is 0 seconds in 6 seconds”.

At the end of the event, Reach once again greeted and expressed his enthusiasm, “I will do my best and do my best, so please continue to support me.”

In the ground, due to the effects of injury, Wing's Kenki Fukuoka, who was out of the opening round, started to improve his running speed more than before.