Frölunda had a difficult start in SHL and started with two straight losses. But on Saturday night, the Gothenburg citizens were able to cheer for the season's other three points in the Behrn arena in Örebro.

And after two initial victories, Örebro now has two losses in the account.

But it started well for the home team. After just over three minutes, Örebro's new team captain Christopher Mastomäki rounded the box and sent 1–0 into the cross behind goalkeeper Johan Mattsson.

The youngest captain

The soon-to-be 23-year-old center, who is the league's youngest captain after taking over the role after Jere Sallinen left Örebro, was satisfied with his second goal of the season.

-It is a pass from Kristian Näkyvä that opens everything. Then (Marcus) Weinstock adds a good fit to me and I finally find the door and put it, nice, Christopher Mastomäki said during the period break to C More.

Frölunda came out to the second period in flying speed and sometimes had a really heavy pressure in front of the Czech goalkeeper Dominik Furch who repeatedly saved Örebro. But after half the match, Rhett Rakhsani finally acknowledged when he intercepted a failed play, made a good move and put the puck in with a backhand.

-It's a good period. We are quite aggressive, have good forecheck and create a lot of chances, goalie Rhett Rakhshani told C More.

Targeted end

Third period would be really targeted. After just over five minutes, Frölunda's Simon Hjalmarsson distinctly sneaked 2-1 into the cross. Shortly thereafter, Rhett Rakhshani scored his second goal of the evening as he increased the lead to 3-1. But Örebro would also get a two-goal shooter. Ten minutes before regular time, Örebroforward Shane Harper stepped forward twice. First, Harper pushed 3-2 into the cross and a few minutes later he also acknowledged resolutely behind goalkeeper Johan Mattson.

In the final minute of the match, Ryan Lasch finally put in a point when he sent 4-3 into the powerplay.