A number of athletes nominated for membership of the Federal National Council 2019 in its fourth session, that sports and attention to the segment of athletes take a big part in their election programs, and identified seven key goals for them if they win in the upcoming elections.

They told Emirates Today that their interest includes general issues besides sports in particular, specifying the objectives in the interest of the athletes sector, and work to support them to achieve sports achievements, and occupy various sports positions, and develop electoral legislation in the boards of directors of sports federations, as well as work on the enactment of a special law Sports and executive regulations of the law, attention to investment and sports tourism, as well as the establishment of more sports centers and different youth in remote areas, and the interest of retirees in various fields, and women and work to create a career environment Imams have, and said that the ultimate goal is to serve the homeland and citizens in various fields.

The former international and legal advisor, Salem Hadid, said that as a candidate for the Emirate of Sharjah, he puts sports at the center of his interests in his electoral program, along with education, investment, health and social issues. Salem Hadid added: «My perceptions in this field are based on accurate data, clear and specific monitoring of the challenges, and then seek to overcome them and go away in the field of quality sports product, commensurate with the progress made by the State in all areas, from the development and enactment of legislation and laws that help He pointed out that sport is not a luxury but a key element of the individual and effective in the sound educational process, pointing out that there are a number of data that seeks to consolidate, including the development of legislation He added: “Government financial support is not only what most of our clubs need, but we must find a mechanism that motivates private institutions and companies to contribute to the support of clubs, which is an important social role. It is completed only through this necessary community partnership.

He explained: «I think we need to develop electoral legislation for the boards of directors of sports federations, in the interest of society through the optimal investment in the age groups practicing each game».

Salem Hadid pointed out the importance of sports tourism in supporting the economy, which will be facilitated by the enactment of legislation and sports laws that support investment in sports.

On the other hand, the coach of the former goalkeeper, Hassan Ismail, said that he ran for membership in the National Council in response to the great desire of the community and parents, saying that he focuses in his program on investment in the category of retired athletes and cultural, and support the nation's youth in all areas, and create a suitable career environment for women. , And qualify athletes to achieve achievements at various levels, as well as facilitate the task of athletes in the leadership of sports positions. Majid Al-Osaimi, Chairman of the Asian Council of Sports for People of Determination, stressed that his program is based on five main axes, which include attention to youth and women, as well as senior citizens, as well as support for people with determination, while the fourth axis is limited to resettlement and finally the housing issue. However, if he wins membership, he will endeavor to modernize the laws that serve the citizen according to the current changes in society and in all fields, including sports. He stressed that he also seeks to inform the community of the real role played by a member of the Federal National Council, noting that he will soon launch the first electronic council to communicate with citizens and know their opinions, concerns and challenges they face, stressing that he also has a traditional line in the process of communicating with people. The director of the team Dibba Fujairah, Juma Al-Abdouli confirmed that he is nominated in order to serve the country and citizens, said: «My interest includes youth and sports, and my goal is to provide sports centers in remote areas in the country, and to pay attention to the category of retirees in various fields and provide them with a decent life.

Al-Abdouli said: «I ran for membership in the National Council in order to complete the work I started 28 years ago, and my candidacy came with the encouragement of family and relatives, and my great hope for success to serve my country».

The 7 goals of the candidates

1. Attention and support for athletes to achieve achievements and occupy sports positions.

2 - Development of electoral legislation in the boards of directors of sports federations.

3. Enacting a sports law.

4 - interest in investment and sports tourism.

5. Establishment of more sports and youth centers in remote areas.

6 - Attention to the segment of retirees in various fields.

7 - Support women and work to create a suitable functional environment for them.