Al Nasr and Al Wasl played one of their most beautiful matches in the Bur Dubai derby. It was remarkable during the opening game of the two teams in the new season of the Arabian Gulf League, the presence of the public, especially by the supporters of Al Wasl, who filled the stands dedicated to them fully, and set a great example in the strong return to stand behind their team after a series of failures last season.

The two teams came out with four important gains from the game, most notably the large public presence, the tactical maturity of Al-Nasr team in particular, and the physical readiness of the two teams, despite the high temperature, as well as the great brilliance of the star and goalscorer of the victory, Spain's Negredo. Al-Wasl supporters continued to strongly support their team throughout the match, as did Al-Ameed's supporters. The crowd reacted to serious mutual attacks from both sides, as the excitement lasted until the last minute, after the victory was scored by Al Wasl player, Khamis Ismail, his own goal in the 95th minute, to be canceled after returning to «mouse».

Al-Nasr also showed a technical maturity through the players' application of coach Caillou's vision and good reading of the game, as he felt the danger of Al Wasl in the first half pushed Habib Al Fardan with the start of the second half, and had a great influence in controlling the midfield, and the formation of danger to Al Wasl goal, Especially in the last 20 minutes of the game.

The players also seemed to have a high physical readiness, despite the high temperature, as they continued the same force until the last minutes.

Al-Nasr, Spain's Negredo, may be the most prominent foreign player in the game, where he was a source of permanent danger, and played the role of captain throughout the game, in contrast did not show the player Al Wasl, the Brazilian Lima, the seriousness that he always posed with his former teammate Caillou. Al-Nasr, the Dutch player Kwas, also played a big role, as the station was constantly receiving and receiving the ball, heralding a major player in the ranks of the brigadier general.

Kaew: We'll address the mistakes that accompanied the meeting

Al-Nasr coach, Brazilian Kaio, confirmed his satisfaction with the game. "At one point at the beginning of the tournament, this is good, and in general the meeting has become a thing of the past.

Regicamp: The result is fair

Al Wasl coach, Romanian Regicamp, considered the result satisfactory and fair for the two teams, compared to what they have made throughout their periods. He said at the press conference: «I think the result is fair, Al Wasl played the first half and was very dangerous, in return returned more control to victory in the second half, and I think "The result and the point is a win-win for both teams," he said.

The 4 gains

1- The distinguished presence of the public, especially from Al Wasl side.

2- High tactical technical maturity, especially from Al-Nasr players.

3 - physical readiness of the players of the two teams, despite the high temperature.

4 - the great brilliance of Spanish star Negredo.