Urawa Reds Sagano “Is the referee slept?” Suspended by insulting remarks September 20 22:38

Soccer J1 Urawa Reds defender Tomoaki Kanno has been suspended for one game after making an insulting comment to the referee after the J-League Cup quarter-final round 2 on the 8th of this month.

According to the J-League and teams, Reds player Kanno will play the second round of the J-League Cup quarter-final, which was introduced at the Kashima Stadium on the 8th of this month. After playing against Kashima Antlers, he said, “Is the VAR in charge of sleeping?”

Because this statement was described in some reports, the J-League confirmed the facts with the Disciplinary Committee, and on the 20th, decided to suspend Sagano from playing for one game, if he insulted the referee. Decided.

Participation will be suspended on the 25th of this month at the Emperor's Cup = All Japan Championship round four, Honda FC match.

Mr. Kanno said, “I ’m sorry for the concern and inconvenience to the referees, the team and the fans and supporters. I ’m sorry to hear that we ’re talking to close reporters. There was no intention of insulting, but what I said in a form that softens the place resulted in an article, but I regret that it was an unnecessary remark. "I will add" "and announced the comment.