“Through I can’t, Habib will be able to speak for another two or three years”

Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov continues to rest after defeating Dustin Porie, but does not lose time in vain. The athlete travels the world and, on occasion, meets with various celebrities. In particular, a native of Dagestan did not deny himself the pleasure of going to his beloved football. On Wednesday, he attended the Champions League match in Paris between local Paris Saint Germain and Real Madrid. While in the stadium’s VIP box, he took pictures with football legends such as David Beckham, Claude Makelele and Yuri Jorkaeff.

“Who remembers these legends? I grew up looking at their great game. Football is a sport that has no equal and has never been, no sport is even close to football, ”Nurmagomedov wrote on Instagram.

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Who remembers these legends? I grew up looking at their great game 👌 Football is a sport that has no equal and never was, not a single sport is even close to football. Who remembers this legends? Nice to meet you guys 🤝

Posted by Khabib Nurmagomedov (@khabib_nurmagomedov) Sep 19, 2019 at 1:17 PDT

Meanwhile, in the UFC world, they continue to discuss the future of Habib and the secret of his success. In Russia, the famous fighter and actor Oleg Taktarov once again spoke on this subject, who repeatedly criticized the champion quite harshly. This time, the first UFC title holder in Russian history suggested that a decline would soon begin in Nurmagomedov’s career.

“He is now 30 years old. I think that after I can’t, he will be able to perform another two or three years. In light weight categories they quickly leave Olympus. It’s possible to perform in “ties” for up to 40 years, ”Taktarova quotes News.ru.

In turn, the former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez said that he knows how to defeat the Russian.

“I do not consider Khabib undefeated. In my opinion, Glayson Thibau defeated Habib. When I watched that battle, I had the feeling that Gleyson had beaten him. So, there is a way to defeat the Russian. Need a certain style of warfare. If you do not own it, you need to learn it. I believe that I can demonstrate this style better than anyone in the division. I don’t know who else is capable of this. I’m thinking about other fighters from the top ten of the UFC - and I don’t know if they are able to fight in such a way as to defeat Habib, ”MMAJunkie quotes Alvarez.

"Conor wants to perform in Dublin, but we will have a tournament in Las Vegas at this time."

But the fate of one of Nurmagomedov’s principled rivals, Conor McGregor, remains unclear. He did not go into the octagon for a year, just after the defeat from Habib, and now heals some kind of injury. Various rumors appear regarding his future, but one thing remains unchanged - the contract for the next fight by the Irish has not yet been signed, and therefore the Irish fans began to suspect that their idol might completely end their career.

Conor himself recently posted a tweet in which he wrote that he would fight on December 14 in Dublin, but UFC leader Dana White denied this information.

“I'm sure you saw this tweet.” Conor wants to perform on December 14 in Dublin. But at this time we will hold a tournament in Las Vegas. If he doesn’t want to fight there, he may return early next year, ”White said.

Such behavior of McGregor cannot but cause questions. Obviously, the Irishman could not have known that on December 14 he would not be able to fight in his homeland as part of the UFC. However, perhaps Macregore had in mind a new fight by the rules of boxing. It is no coincidence that on Wednesday there was information about a possible meeting of the Irishman with a compatriot, boxer Luke Keeler. The latter confirmed that negotiations regarding the organization of the battle were indeed conducted, but were unsuccessful.

“We are waiting for the restoration of Miocic, after which we will finish the trilogy”

Events are actively developing in other weight categories, for example, in heavy weight. Within this category, Stipe Miocic in August defeated Daniel Cormier and won the title. Along the way, a Croat took revenge on the American for losing last year.

However, the story of the confrontation between the fighters, apparently, will not be completed. Although Miocic had not even managed to leave the hospital after the fight, White had already announced a new meeting between Stipe and Cormier.

“Miocic is recovering from the second battle. He missed a lot of punches in that fight. We are waiting for his recovery, after which we will finish the trilogy, ”said White.

It is possible that this fight will be the last for Cormier, because Daniel is already 40 years old, and he repeatedly admitted his desire to leave the big sport. A new defeat, for sure, will push the athlete to this decision. The next in line among those who want to fight Miocic is Francis Ngannu.

“I really look forward to this fight. After the last fight, UFC President Dana White told me that I had to wait for the rematch of Stipe and Cormier before I get the title chance. I'm ready. Completely ready for battle with Miocic. I plan to take revenge. The second battle will take place in a different scenario. I hope I get a fight with Miocic back in 2019, that would be great, ”BJPenn quotes Nganna.