SVT Sports expert Kajsa Bergqvist lists the 29-year-old from Eskilstuna as one of three major Swedish medal jumps.

- It is good that she is updated on the situation, replies Perseus Karlström with a laugh.

The coach change in November points out the most anonymous of the Swedish World Cup stars as the key to now seeing a World Cup medal within reach.

- I've been running a lot more intensely than before and we have balanced the training much better so I have not been over-trained or under-stimulated.

"Only applies to lying in front of the cluster for 15 km"

Championship races are often run in warm conditions. Although the World Cup race does not start until 23.30 local time on October 4, it should be a bit over 30 degrees hot. Karlström has the tactics ready for the 20 km World Cup.

- Over the past twenty years, it has become more and more a distinct championship tactic. The first ten kilometers are very pending, usually up to 15. Then the last five kilometers are absolutely crucial. It is only a matter of lying in front of the cluster for 15 kilometers. Then you should be prepared to answer if someone shrugs or if you do it yourself.

Is in the shape of his life

The 29-year-old from Eskilstuna has lined up world results during the year. At Finnkampen he lowered his Swedish record to 38.03.95 when he set the world year's best at 10 km. At the World Cup it is the double distance that applies, where his 1,18.07 places him as eight in the world.

Have you ever been better?

- No, I am definitely in the shape of my life.


Perseus Karlström beat new World Year's Best for Finnkampen. Photo: Photo Agency