Rugby World Cup opening Japan support in various places September 20th 23:31

In the opening round of the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament, the Japanese national team made a good start by winning over Russia. Japanese players were cheered everywhere.

Reach's “Japanese parents” cheered

In Japan, Japan ’s captain, Reach Michael, spent his high school days in Sapporo. “Japanese parents,” who had accepted Reach as home students, cheered.

In Sapporo, where Reach spent his high school days, more than 100 rugby fans gathered at a pub in Chuo-ku last night to support the Japanese national team while watching TV.

Among them, there was a figure of Shuichi Moriyama and Mr. and Mrs. Kumiko that Reach players who had spent three years at Teppei High School in Sapporo were accepted at home as boarders, and they were hailed as “Japanese parents” by Reach players.

Mr. and Mrs. Moriyama cheered with a loud voice, such as "Michael, do your best!" Or "Press, press!"

In the scene where the Japanese national team decided to try, applauding and screaming, “I did well,” the couple looked face to face and smiled satisfactorily. Were sharing.

Shuichi Moriyama said, “Michael did not seem to be in the first half, but I was relieved to win anyway. I want you to win all at this momentum.”

My wife, Kumiko, said, “From the second half, Michael got better and I was able to watch the game with peace of mind.

Juniors cheer at Tamura's home school

At the standoff that started, Yu Tamura's mother school, Kokugakuin Tochigi High School in Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture, a junior rugby team member and a supervisor of the teacher watched the game on TV and cheered them on.

At the alma mater, about 100 people, including junior members of the rugby club and superintendent director Satoshi Yoshioka, gathered in the meeting room of a high school dormitory and watched the game via TV.

When Japan was deprived of the first try, the team members were anxious to watch the game, but when Japan decided to try and reverse, the team cheered.

And in the second half, when Tamura scored a penalty goal of over 40 meters, he applauded and was pleased with the success of his seniors.

Rugby's captain Shuntaro Kitamura said, “I was proud of how my seniors were active. I wanted to do my best to become Tamura players.”

Director Yoshioka said, “The student Tamura has grown so far and I am proud of this. I want him to go wild without hurt in the game after this,” he said.

In the “Fan Zone” where you can enjoy live broadcasts of the game in Chofu City, Tokyo where the opening game was held, many spectators came to victory in Japan.

A total of 9000 people, including family members and office workers on the way home, gathered in the fan zone established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Chofu City, Chofu City, and watched the opening race between Japan and Russia.

The spectators gathered and applauded each time a Japanese player decided to try, and when Japan won, they were happy to make high-touch with the people around them.

A 5th grade girl living in Chofu said, “Japanese players were nervous and made mistakes at first, but they were very happy to win.

Also, a woman in her 40s living in Tokyo said, “I'm glad I came to the fan zone because I was able to enjoy the game with the Welsh people I met for the first time.”

In this tournament, there will be 16 fan zones for 12 cities nationwide. A total of 35 games will be broadcast live at the venue in front of Chofu Station.