Rugby World Cup opening Don't run out of beer! September 20, 20:12

Tokyo, where the opening round of the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament will take place on the night of the 20th, around the Tokyo stadium in Chofu City, rugby fans coming from all over the world will not sell out beer that is said to be “drinking enough to bathe” The

Each time the Rugby World Cup, fans from all over the world are said to drink beer from before the game and drink up the city's beer.

According to the Organizing Committee, beer consumption is approximately six times that of a professional soccer game in the UK.

In order to prevent the beer from running out and disappoint rugby fans, and to avoid missing out on business opportunities, the area around the Tokyo Stadium, where the opening race is held, is being dealt with.

A liquor store in Fuchu City, Tokyo, near the stadium, prepared 120 cases of canned beer, about 15 times the usual size, for two shops near the Toda Station on the Keio Line, the nearest station to the stadium. That is.

Furthermore, on the 20th of the opening round, sales employees who do not usually stand on the sales floor visit the grocery store of the customer and sell beer at the eaves of the store.

This grocery store usually sells canned beer in the store, but this time, for the first time, we prepared a box with ice water and sold it at the eaves of the store.

Mr. Taro Murano, president of the liquor store “Murano Shoten”, said, “I want to be able to entertain the beer without cutting anyway.”

A male fan from Canada had a beer in his hand and said, “If Japan wins, I want to drink as much as possible to drink all the beer in Tokyo.”