Rugby World Cup Australian national team make final adjustment to the first match Sapporo 20 September 20:20

At the Rugby World Cup Japan Tournament, the Australian national team, who is in the first round of the first league on the 21st, made the final adjustment at the Sapporo Dome. Captain Michael Hooper said enthusiasm, "I can't wait for the match."

The first 15 minutes of the practice were open to the public. The captain who started in the match on the 21st, flanker Michael Hooper, played a pass and confirmed the position.

Australia is 6th in the world ranking, 2nd in the World Cup, 2nd in the runner-up, and will play against Fiji, the 9th place in the first league first match on the 21st.

After training, Michael Hooper said, “Sapporo Dome is very wonderful. I just do what I have prepared. I want to focus on strong defense and attacks that threaten my opponent. I was talking.

Also, Sam Kelebi, deputy captain from Fiji, said, “I feel like I ’m new to Fiji, so I feel like I want to win each other. "