Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev were released. From the Belgorod region to the capital, the players, as well as the younger brother of Alexander, got in the personal car of the forward “Zenith”, which was driven by his stepfather Kirill Loginov. On this, the players decided to limit their joint pastime and noted their release separately from each other.

So, Pavel Mamaev spent the evening at home in the company of Alana's wife. The girl put the first joint photograph in 11 months with her husband, to which she received a concise answer from Alexander Kokorin: “I am returning”.

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The attacker himself preferred to celebrate his return more solemnly. According to media reports, Kokorin gathered a company of nine people in a Moscow restaurant.

However, despite the celebrations and family reunions, both players do not intend to forget about the recent past. On September 24, the brothers Kokorins and Pavel Mamaev intend to go to the Klintsovsky city court, where an away meeting will be held to consider the conditional release of Alexander Protasovitsky.

The fourth person involved in the case remains behind bars, while his accelerated release can be hindered by three penalties received while in the Butyrka pre-trial detention center.

“Can be in shape in a month and a half”

However, the main topic remains the issue of the early resumption of football careers of both players.

The state of affairs of Mamaev since the moment of release in this aspect has not changed. The midfielder has a valid agreement with Krasnodar, but does not have a final answer regarding its bilateral termination.

According to Sport24, the leadership of the southern club is still ready to discuss options for continuing cooperation with its footballer. However, official information from the camp of the “bulls” was not received in this regard. The owner of Krasnodar, Sergei Galitsky, remains silent - the businessman took part in a meeting of the executive committee of the RFU, but Mamaev chose to answer in silence with questions from journalists about the future.

At the same time, the Mamaev case will be considered in the dispute resolution chamber only at the end of this month. Thus, a midfielder bound by contractual obligations cannot start training with his club or with others. At the same time, according to media reports, several RPL teams and the Turkish Super League are interested in Mamaev’s services.

Kokorin, in turn, is already getting ready to begin to carry out professional duties under a new agreement with Zenit.

After a short rest in Moscow, the forward arrived in St. Petersburg. There Kokorin took part in the filming for club television, and also underwent an in-depth medical examination. According to the press service of the blue-white-blue, the doctors did not reveal any problems with the 29-year-old striker.

“Kokorin was tested by a traumatologist, neurologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, surgeon, otorhinolaryngologist and other specialists, ECG and ultrasound procedures, a test on an exercise bike and treadmill,” the official press release of the country's champions said.

Thus, Alexander Kokorin, announced by Zenit for the season, by decision of the coaching staff, can take part in any RPL match. However, a player who misses ten months of active training will need a certain amount of time to recover and reach peak form.

However, according to the famous St. Petersburg commentator Gennady Orlov, this period may turn out to be shorter than previously expected. The expert said that the forward arrived in the northern capital in good physical and moral condition.

“From his inner circle, I know that he is ready to start training. If everything is in order, then I think that in a month and a half he will be able to be in shape. He will start playing when he recovers. I think this can happen even in the fall. Now the main thing is to write him the right training plan, ”Orlov said on the air of his GSO Live program.

Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev were taken into custody on October 11, 2018. On May 8, the Presnensky court of the capital sentenced Kokorin to 1 year 6 months in a colony of general regime, Mamaev to 1 year 5 months. On September 17, both players were released on parole.

The last RPL match with the participation of both players took place on October 7 in St. Petersburg.