Many fans at the venue of the opening round of the Rugby World Cup September 20 17:51

As the opening of the Japan Rugby World Cup is approaching, a large number of fans gathered at the stadium in Chofu City, Tokyo, where the opening match between Japan and Russia takes place, more than four hours before the start of the match.

The first Rugby World Cup Japan tournament in Asia will begin on the night of the 20th.

Tokyo, where the opening round between Japan and Russia will take place At the Tokyo Stadium in Chofu City, a large number of fans, including foreigners, will visit from more than four hours before the game starts, wearing jerseys and costumes for the participating teams. It was exciting.

The opening ceremony will be held from 6:30 pm on the 20th, and the opening round will begin at 7:45 pm.

Twenty teams will participate in the tournament, and a total of 48 matches will be held in 12 venues nationwide, including Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture. It is.

Japan has surprised the world by making a historic upset from the strongest South Africa at the previous England tournament, but in this tournament, aiming for the best 8 or more that have not been achieved so far, the first After the match against Russia in the league, we will face the world's best Ireland, Samoa and Scotland.

At the Tokyo stadium where the opening game is held, many fans gathered to talk about their expectations for the tournament.

A man who wore a red hagama and cheered on, “Today ’s historic day, I chose a kama for my own formal wear. I ’m happy because it ’s so exciting, and I ’m glad to see the players play. I wanted. "

A man who came to support the company after taking a rest from the company said, “I couldn't sleep because I wasn't excited last night. I want Japan to win with a bonus point of 40 points. The World Cup in Japan will last a lifetime. I think that it was once, so I would like to quit my job in Japan and rush to support me. "

On the other hand, a Russian woman who came to Japan for a honeymoon said, “I'm looking forward to seeing Russian games in the second and subsequent rounds, so I'm looking forward to sightseeing around Japan. I believe I will win 36 to 19, "he cheered with a specific score.