Golf domestic women Shibuno started 8th with 3 unders September 20th 20:24

The women's golf tournament tournament was held in Mihama-cho, Aichi Prefecture. The first round was held by two Korean players, and Hyuko Shibuno, who won the British Women's Open, started 8th.

Shibuno played 2 birdies with 1 bogey in the first half, 3 birdies in the second half and 3 unders on the 20th, 8th place with 6 strokes, along with Ai Suzuki and Yuka Hara. It is rank.

Korea ’s Shin Ji-e took 11 birdies and held 2 bogies, and took the lead in the 9-under with the same Korean player Lee Chi-hee who achieved a hole-in-one with No. 16.

23-year-old Ayako Kimura is in third place with 1 stroke difference, and 4th is Kumiko Kaneda with 5 under.