Who plays against who?

Please heart our Bundesliga teams properly. Thank you so much!

Which game should you not miss?

Frankfurt against Dortmund, after all, the only game in which two European Cup members meet. There both showed their good sides against big opponents this week, apart from the results. Despite the 0: 3 Eintracht fought as usual and brought last year's finalist Arsenal sweat well, the fans raged again. And BVB, who could become the league leaders with a victory on Sunday, brought the great FC Barcelona to the brink of defeat and proved what energy is in the club. Barça was almost without a chance to score, partly because Mats Hummels defended so well that the West German press is now fighting hard for him. It would have been more than a 0-0 if Marco Reus had not lost his duel with Marc-André ter Stegen. Just as Eintracht did not find it completely surprising that without Ante Rebić, Luka Jović and Sébastien Haller it would be more difficult to score. The three from the buffalo herd, who now all trample elsewhere, would have made the odds against Arsenal at least two pieces. Let's look at it: Frankfurt and Dortmund have lifted the goals for the Bundesliga.

Which game can you miss with a clear conscience?

This from Monday. After all, it is done soon. It is played on Mondays five times, then the experiment to end the Bundesliga weekend at the beginning of the week is over. From the season 2020/21 there will be no more Monday games. Because they did not like each other, the fans did not. Now the DFL had a look. And as if she wanted to prove that she understood, she comes on the fifth last Monday with the worst possible game around the corner: Wolfsburg against Hoffenheim. A game as dazzling as matt painted VW rims. A game that any neutral football fan would only do under threat of physical violence to heart. Even on every other day of the week.

Who is in the spotlight?

Uli Hoeneß, what will he miss us. For a long time he had not talked in rage anymore. But the discussion, whether Manuel Neuer or Marc-André ter Stegen would have to stand in the gate of the national team, took the still-Bayern-president as an opportunity to unpack the old, almost forgotten Hoeneß: polterig, undifferentiated, but highly entertaining. "I find it impossible to bring such a topic to the public, he has no claim to play there at all", it rattled in the direction of Marc-André ter Stegen, who actually had not done more than to say that it was difficult for him not to stand in the DFB goal. Hoeneß also approached the DFB, saying: "We'll give the people a bit of a bang." Because, according to Hoeneß, the public had not made enough for the Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, which Oliver Bierhoff took note of somewhat confusedly. After all, it was always communicated that Neuer was the clear number one. And finally, the DFB is still the national team, not Bayern. The strangest thing was that Hoeness was also angered that the "West German press" supported ter Stegen extremely, but the "South German press" did not do it for Neuer. This testifies to an interesting Hoeneßian picture of the function of journalism. The regional media should therefore make advertisement for the regional players. Yes, why not? Torsten Mattuschka for Germany !!!!