Wrestling World Championship Men 57kg class Takahashi is not settled in the Olympics, September 19th 23:00

In the world of wrestling held in Kazakhstan, Yuki Takahashi, the world champion and male freestyle 57kg class player, lost in the fourth round, and the Tokyo Olympics national team was not confirmed at this tournament.

At the world wrestling championship in Kazakhstan, if you win a medal, you will be selected as the Tokyo Olympics representative of that class.

On the 19th, Takahashi, who won the world championship in the men's freestyle 57 kilometer class and won a bronze medal last year, participated.

However, Takahashi, who played against Indian players in the 4th round, moved out of stamina in the second half and lost points one after another, losing 1-6.

Takahashi will no longer be selected for the Tokyo Olympics in this tournament, and will become the national team selection in the future, aiming for the All Japan Championship in December.

Takahashi said, “I couldn't make good reports to the people who supported me and cheered me, and I was filled with sadness and regret. I learned that the road to the Olympics is not easy. I want to make use of this defeat for three more months. "