World wrestling championship Earthen and Otoguro and other three to loser resurrection game September 19 22:53

Three players who were expected to win medals, such as Sara Satoshi, who wants to win the second consecutive Olympics, and last year's world champion, Takuto Otoguro at the World Championship of Wrestling in Kazakhstan, lost, and the revival game on the 20th I decided to go around.

At the world wrestling championship in Kazakhstan, if you win a medal, you will be selected as the Tokyo Olympics representative of that class.

On Saturday, Rio de Janeiro Olympic gold medalist soil player participated in the 68km class of women, but in the 3rd round, he played against the 3rd place American player last year and could not prevent the tackle riding his opponent's speed. Completely defeated with 1 to 10. Satoshi is defeated for the first time in four years since the 2015 World Championship.

Ryoko Kawai's younger sister, Yukako Kawai, who has already been confirmed as the Olympic representative of the 57kg class for women, participated in the 62kg class for women, but in the third round, Kyrgyz players collapsed their posture due to sleeping techniques. He was defeated by Fall.

Furthermore, in the men's freestyle 65 kilometer class, last year's world champion Otoguro lost the 1st to 8th in the third round without being able to keep pace with Russian players.

All three players, Satoshi, Kawai, and Otoguro, were expected to perform well, but were unable to ensure the Olympic national team's appointment, and decided to return to the loser's revival game on the 20th.

The three will win the loser resurrection, and if they win the bronze medal after winning the 3rd place decision, they will be appointed as the Tokyo Olympics national team.

Earthy "I will get anything"

Satoshi Tsuchishi, who lost in the third round of the World Championship and turned to the loser resurgence on the 20th, said, “It ’s more like I ’m more like this than I ’m sorry. “I think I have to do it,” he said, reflecting on the words of remorse, “If you do n’t take a medal, you wo n’t be accepted to the Olympics, so I ’d like to get tomorrow with anything.”