Volunteer of a lawyer supported by participating players in the Rugby World Cup formed a support team on September 19, 18:28

The sports world is not the only one supporting the Rugby World Cup opening on the 20th. In the field of justice, volunteers from lawyers formed a support team in preparation for situations where players from participating countries were involved in troubles both inside and outside the ground.

The name of the team means "2019 Rugby World Cup Royers" lawyer.

When recruiting members around the city where the game was held, 16 people gathered, one more than rugby players playing on the ground.

In addition to women who can speak three foreign languages ​​such as English and Spanish, there are members who are fluent in languages ​​and are familiar with sports, such as young graduates from rugby high school.

In cooperation with the “Japan Rugby Football Players Association” for a limited period of time, we will support players in each country.

We assume defense activities when a player from a participating country is about to be suspended due to rough play during a match, or is involved in illegal activities outside the ground.

The counsel from the participating countries is not necessarily accompanied by the legal counsel, but even if they are accompanied, they are not familiar with Japanese law, so there is a possibility that they can not respond sufficiently, so we expect support in the event of trouble Is that it has been.

Royers lawyers have been preparing for the tournament, such as learning international rules for rugby. One of the teams who started the team said, “I want to help the players as much as possible. I will also make efforts to develop the environment surrounding Japan rugby. I want to do it. "