Rugby World Cup tomorrow start Volunteers start September 19 19:00

Volunteer activities to support the tournament began before the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament started on the 20th, and at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, we provide information on traffic and tourism to foreign tourists.

At the Japan Rugby World Cup opening on the 20th, approximately 13,000 volunteers recruited by the Organizing Committee and named “TEAM NO-SIDE” will be active throughout the nation.

Volunteer activities began at Haneda Airport on the 19th, and when foreign tourists arrive to Japan to watch the tournament, they will guide you to the game venue, sightseeing spots in English, and take photos. I was doing.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, approximately 2,400 official volunteers will be active in the Tokyo Metropolitan area during the tournament. In addition to traffic and tourist information at airports and stations, the tournament will be used to guide the audience.

A man who visits from Ireland and stays for 12 days said, “I will watch the game between Ireland and Japan. I also enjoy eating Japanese food and sightseeing in Kyoto. I was able to finish. "

A volunteer man in his 60s said, “I would like to help as much as possible so that everyone can have a unique experience in the spirit of having fun together.”