Rugby World Cup Japan last adjustment to Asuo's debacle September 19 17:18

The Japanese national team, who will face the Rugby World Cup, made the final adjustment at the match venue for the opening game with Russia on the 20th.

The first World Cup Japan tournament in Asia will start on the 20th, and Japan, which ranks 10th in the world ranking, will face Russia, the world's 20th place, in the opening game after the opening ceremony at the Tokyo Stadium in Chofu City, Tokyo. To do.

On the 19th, the final adjustment was made at the game venue, and the first 15 minutes were released to the press.

The athletes wore uniform training wear with the word “Japan” on their backs and appeared with a tight expression, warmed up by running first, then formed a circle at the center of the pitch, Increased the experience.

In the practice, the official ball of the tournament was used, and the players confirmed the feel by processing the ball that went up while doing the actual battle style menu.

Russia, which will play on the 20th, is big in size, and Japan will have an advantage in support of crowding.

“The slow pace is the flow of the opponent, so I would like to bring it to a fast development. It ’s a lot of pressure, but I want to play responsibly to meet your expectations.”

In 33 consecutive tournaments, 33-year-old hooker, Shota Horie, said, “I do n’t know what the next World Cup will be in terms of age, so I ’d like to do the next one game with the last feeling.” .

The opening round between Japan and Russia will start at 7:45 pm on the 20th. NHK will broadcast on BS1, BS4K and Radio No. 1.