Rugby World Cup arriving via 20,000 km whistle used in the opening game September 19 16:16

At the Rugby World Cup Japan Tournament, the whistle used for the opening game on the 20th was transported by bicycle on a 20,000-kilometer road from the United Kingdom.

The first Rugby World Cup in Asia will begin on the 20th, and Japan and Russia will face each other in the opening round after the opening ceremony.

The whistle used by the referees in the opening round is carried by bicycle as a charity activity for Asian children. After leaving the UK in February, a 20,000-kilometer road, the game venue in Chofu City, Tokyo on the 19th Arrived at.

The whistle was carried by entrepreneur Ron Rutland from South Africa and James Owen from Hong Kong with rugby teaching experience.

A ceremony was held at the venue, and the two handed a whistle after shaking hands with the opening referee.

The two are scheduled to watch the opening game on the 20th, and Rutland said, “It was a long way through summer and winter and high altitude roads. We met many people and were warmly welcomed. World Cup I'm looking forward to it. "

Owen-san said, “I am happy to arrive. I am grateful to those who supported the trip. I have been looking forward to passing the whistle, so I am very happy to be here. Tomorrow is wearing a Japanese jersey. I will support you. "

Referee Nigel Owens greeted them by saying, “It's a very special feeling that delivered me a long way,” and invited me to laugh, “I'm grateful because I forgot my whistle.” It was.