Gymnastics Women's national team opens training camp in front of the World Championship

The women's representative from Japan announced a training camp in front of the next gymnastics world championship held next month, leaving mistakes for the performance of `` Yuka '', leaving issues for the tournament that took the right to participate in the Tokyo Olympic group. It was.

The gymnastics world championship will be held in Germany from 4th of next month, and the women's group will be given the right to participate in the Olympics for the top nine teams except the USA, Russia and China, who have already won the Tokyo Olympics at last year's competition. The

While Japan's women's representative lacks Ace's Yui Murakami due to injury, a training camp is held at the National Training Center in Kita-ku, Tokyo with the aim of acquiring the right to participate in the group, and the state of the camp is released on the 19th it was done.

On the 19th, assuming the World Championship, the representative members except Aiko Sugihara, who suffered from an ankle injury in the practice of ototo, performed each of the 4th event, and the domestic referees scored.

Among them, Captain Asuka Teramoto scored a high score of 14 on the “Jumping Horse” by deciding a difficult technique with a jumping height.

On the other hand, at “Yuka”, mistakes such as disturbed landing due to the sense of deviation with German equipment used in the world championship were conspicuous, and everyone including Teramoto did not reach the 13-point level, making it the competition performance I left a challenge.

The women's representative from Japan will leave Japan on the 23rd of this month and make final adjustments locally.

General Manager Tanaka "If you don't pack details"

Mitsuko Tanaka, General Manager of the Japan Gymnastics Association, said that Yuka's performance was a succession of mistakes. “Since the adjustment period for German equipment used in production was too short, the senses shifted and the mistakes were conspicuous. I think the players are going well, but we have to pack more details so that we do n’t miss it. ”

He also mentioned the Tokyo Olympics. “You have to win the competition, but it ’s just as much as you can get when you compare the scores of today ’s and last year ’s world championships. When you visit the site, the skill level and the score will tend to be scored more severely, so you have to adjust more carefully. ”

Teramoto “I have no choice but to do it”

Asuka Teramoto, the captain of the girl, looked back on the performance on the 19th. “The practice of passing through the performance was so sweet that mistakes were noticeable due to landing, etc. There are many places that can be corrected, so it is possible to eliminate 0.3, 0.5. I want to make adjustments. "

Also, he mentioned that Aiko Sugihara hurt his left ankle. “I thought that Sugihara was n’t going to practice today, and personally it ’s a little bit bad. I was aiming, but I am worried about the right to participate in the Olympics, but I still have to do.