Rugby World Cup opening Russian game starter reach and Horie Japan national team September 18 17:02

Rugby representative from Japan announced the starting members for the opening game against Russia on the 20th at the World Cup Japan, including captain Reach Michael, Shota Horie and Kazuki Himeno who returned from injury .

The World Cup Japan Tournament will start on the 20th, and the Japanese national team will face Russia in the opening round that will be held after the opening ceremony.

The Japanese national team practiced in Tokyo in the morning of the 18th, and then Jamie Joseph Head Coach announced 15 members, starting with the Russian game, and a total of 23 members.

The forward was chosen by Captain Flanker Reach, Hooker Horie who returned from an injury in the Hokkaido camp last month, and Number Eight Himeno.

Of the three highly competitive scrum halves, Bucks was selected as a major player with emphasis on communication skills during the match.

As a reminder, Shiro Tanaka will join in and the representative experience of three consecutive tournaments will live in an important scene.

Wing was replaced by Remeki Romano Lava, who was brilliant in speed and step work, instead of Kenki Fukuoka, who was injured in a test match with South Africa on the 6th of this month.

Russia is ranked 20th in the world against Japan, which ranks 10th in the world ranking, and has a strong physique and strong play. In last November's competition, Japan won the game by a slight difference.

Japan, aiming for the best eight or more, is likely to be the point of the first game to be able to attack with quick response to kicks and support for crowding that became a challenge in South Africa.

The opening round between Japan and Russia will start at 7:45 pm on the 20th, and NHK will broadcast on BS1, BS4K and Radio No. 1.

Japan national team starter

There are 15 starting members who will face Japan's first match against Russia.

The props are Keita Inagaki (29) and Ai Valasaeri (30).
The hooker is Shota Horie (33).

Rock is Vinpy van der Wald (30) and James Moore (26).
The flankers are captain reach Michael (30) and Peter Loveskaffni (30).
Number 8 is Kazuki Himeno (25) who has returned from injury.

The scrum half is Ryudai (27).
The stand-off is Yu Tamura (30).
Centers are Ryoji Nakamura (28) and ▽ Raphaele Timothy (28).
The wings are Remekiro Manorava (30) and Kotaro Matsushima (26).
Fullback is William Tupou (29).

The number of members is 8: Atsushi Sakate (26), Ishiri Nakajima (30), Gu Ji-won (25), Thompson Luke (38), Tsui Hendrik (31), Shiro Tanaka (34), Rikiya Matsuda (25) and Ryohei Yamanaka (31) have joined.

Reach captain “I want to tell you to enjoy the game”

Captain's Reach Michael said, “Japan has grown in leadership and mentality over the last four years by interacting with diverse teams. We are proud to be a captain of the World Cup as a member of that team. I feel that this tournament will be the best opportunity for Japan. ”

For the game against Russia: “The approach to the tournament is going smoothly, so I would like to tell my teammates to enjoy the game anyway. I want to aim. "

Himeno “Excited”

Kazuki Himeno, who returned from an ankle injury and started with No. 8, said, “I am honored and honored to be a member of the opening round. "I am doing it."

After that, "I am confident that my mind, skill, and body have grown in the last four years. I was worried when I was injured, but Shota Horie said," When I get injured, I feel like rest " “I ’m going to make it easier, and I ’d like to go ahead and get the team up,” he said.

Remeki "I will do my best until Fukuoka"

Wing ’s Remeki Romano Lava said, “I ’m happy to be chosen as the starting member because the opening game is a big game.

Remeki, who marries a Japanese woman and has four children, said, “The family will come to see the opening round, so I want to play the best in front of my children. ”And vowed to play an active role.

Inagaki "Does not give Russia 100% power"

Prop's Keita Inagaki said, “It was quicker than the previous tournament. It was fun and honest pressure, but I am well prepared to enjoy the pressure.” talked.

After that, “I have the confidence to push. The Russians are big, but the key is not to give 100% power. The practice of pushing is not just this week but four years. I came. "

Joseph HC "The best ever ready"

“We have chosen the players who can do the given work at the highest level. The team is practicing in a relaxed and precise manner. I'm looking forward to the match. "

As for the Russian national team, “In November last year, the test match was led by strong pressure and was led for a while. That means that it has so much potential. "I struggle."