Rugby World Cup Japan opener opponent Russia also announced members September 18 20:29

Russia, which will face Japan in the opening game on the 20th of the Rugby World Cup Japan, announced its starting members, including the 34-year-old command tower, Yuri Kushalinov.

Russia announced members for the Japanese game in Tokyo on the 18th.

Russia, which is ranked 20th in the world ranking, played against Japan, which ranked 10th in the world last November.

11 of the 15 starters were the same as the previous starters in Japan.

Russia has a large physique, and is good at set plays such as scrums, as well as attacks and tackles that take advantage of physical strength.

Richard Lynn Jones Head Coach said, “I think my chance to win a game against Japan is 20%, but I am confident that I will make it a tough game. I will do my best. I'm making improvements and I want to fight without giving up after the last 5 minutes. "

Captain Wassily Artemiyev said, “In the past week, we have been getting more attention than ever. I think all the players will be highly motivated and wonderful games. I want to receive it. "

Commander Kushinarov said, “We are thinking of handing the ball as far as possible forward and turning the ball from end to end. I think it has physical strength. I think. "