Men's national team training camp before the World Gymnastics World Championship

Men's representatives opened a training camp in front of the next gymnastics world championship held next month, and 20-year-old Sho Tanikawa showed the “Cassina” of the G difficulty at the “bar” problem, and appealed the smooth adjustments. Did.

The gymnastics world championship will be held in Germany next month, and the Japanese men's teams aiming to win the group gold medal since 2015 are Sho Tanigawa, Koji Tanigawa, Kazuma Tsuji, Yuya Kamimoto, and Daiki Hashimoto. Will participate.

On the 18th, the training camp was released at the National Training Center in Kita-ku, Tokyo, and a trial session was held to perform the sixth event assuming the actual performance of the group.

Among them, Sho Tanigawa, who won the first NHK Cup in May and was elected as the first representative, is slightly disturbed in the “Cassina” G difficulty that has been adopted from the middle of this season with the “iron bar” of the task Both the “Yuka” and “Parallel Bar” items were marked with a high score of 14.900 and appealed for smooth adjustment.

In addition, Hashimoto, who was selected as the second high school student in history since Kenzo Shirai, marked 14 points in all four types that performed with beautiful performances that extended beyond the limbs of his own. It was showing good performance.

The men's representative will leave Japan on the 24th of this month and make final adjustments locally.

"Generally well"

“I have raised the difficulty of the technique at a rapid pitch, but the players are getting finished and approaching the target score, so it ’s generally going well so far. “Takeshi Tanikawa and his older brother, Nao, both have a very high score for the individual as a whole, and have become the axis of the team,” he said.

And, about the member composition that there is not one player who experienced the Olympics, “There are no members who have pulled Japan such as Kohei Uchimura and Kenzo Shirai, but it is a big opportunity for young players, so each one is excited I want you to fight. "

"Obtain a gold medal with beautiful gymnastics"

Daiki Hashimoto, a 18-year-old high school student who is a gymnastics boy representative, marked 14 points for all four events he performed at the 18th trial session. However, there are still many points that can be scored, such as the landing posture, so I would like to practice with full attention to the fine corrections. "

And for the world championship, he expressed his enthusiasm, "I want to do my best to contribute to the group gold medal by showing beautiful gymnastics in all the events I participate in."

"Appealing strong Japan"

Sho Tanikawa, the gymnastics representative of the gymnast, said, “I am using techniques that are more difficult than before with jumping horses and horizontal bars, but I think that my performance has improved as a whole. I feel a little changed when I enter, so I want to practice while being aware of it. "

And for the world championship, the biggest goal is to win a group gold medal by performing without mistakes with all the representative players. I want to appeal to the world for a strong Japan for the Tokyo Olympics. It was.