It was the dramatic climax of the game and a grape player ran frantically towards him, but Marc-André ter Stegen moved slowly, as if he was walking in the park, with his grandmother, on Sundays. Completed his act as casually as if he were not in the field thinking, but wondering if he should wear brown or black socks the next day. Who knows, in the end he might even have closed his eyes as he strolled to the ball and caught him. He had rebounded and jumped up just before the goal line, after ter Stegen had held the penalty from Marco Reus.

His eyes were fixed in Dortmund on ter Stegen because he stayed on the bench last week, which he had described as a "heavy blow". As a result, his competitor Manuel Neuer felt addressed and criticized ter Stegen. He in turn did not want to let that sit on himself and called Neuers statements "inappropriate". In the past they were led sharper, but finally Germany has again a goalkeeper debate.

This time, at the start of the Champions League between Borussia Dortmund and FC Barcelona, ​​ter Stegen spoke with his hands. The defused penalty was not his only rescue this evening, on which the BVB behaved slowly. However, as the game progressed, the team realized they did not have to face up to Barcelona. After the second half, she could be proud of a strong performance, but also annoyed about the meager earnings of a 0-0.

In the first half Barcelona had control of the game and let the ball circulate in the opponent half. The Spaniards were not particularly fast or dangerous, also because Mats Hummels stubbed many balls with the long leg and ran out of some passes.

The defense helped that entrenched the entire BVB mostly. Deeply around his own penalty area, almost all the crew gathered in many scenes. She was strengthened in her actions (or not doing) by the euphoric spectators, who were celebrating every little thing loudly, even if it was a black and yellow balling the ball into the stands.

Blinded by the big name?

Perhaps the Elf plagued self-doubt before the kickoff. Just over two weeks ago she had suffered a blamable defeat against Union Berlin before media reported that Lucien Favre had lost part of the cabin and was also not a big fan of Hummels, who had bought him the club's leadership. Perhaps the BVB has been blinded by the big name Barca.

But even before the break, BVB came to two good counter chances by Reus and Jadon Sancho. After that he became more courageous. The two left-backs Raphaël Guerreiro and Achraf Hakimi ventured into risky duels, Sancho escaped more and more often his opponents, Paco Alcácer came to the shot, Julian Brandt chased the ball to the bar and repeatedly Reus, whose efforts, however, always found their end on the German goalie ,