The UAE Professional Association has announced the sale of digital broadcasting rights for its upcoming three seasons to two new partners.Fanseat will broadcast the matches in Europe and North America, while Sportsflick has acquired the rights to broadcast their competitions in Australia and New Zealand.

The move comes as part of the league's efforts to increase the visibility of its competitions around the world, where viewers in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand will be able to follow 232 in the Arabian Gulf League, Arabian Gulf Cup and Super Gulf Cup.

Information designs will appear on the screen in all games in Arabic and English, and commentary in English will be available in all games for the first time in the history of the UAE league as an initiative of the Association in an effort to deliver the competition to the largest non-Arabic speaking audience inside and outside the country.

The association has announced partnerships to digitally distribute video content with DUGOUT and TikTok, and has won 2.9 million views on its competitions in less than a month.

Based in Stockholm, Van Setet broadcasts basketball and hockey live and on-demand via its digital platform, and the Gulf League became the first football tournament to join the platform.

The Australian sports company Flick broadcast rugby and combat sports as well as football to viewers in Australia and New Zealand through its website.