Rugby World Cup opening round whistle arrived in Shizuoka on September 17 at 17:41

The whistle used in the opening round of the Rugby World Cup on this month arrived in Shizuoka Prefecture from the UK where the previous tournament was held, and was shown at elementary schools in Iwata City.

Arriving in Shizuoka Prefecture was the opening round of the Rugby World Cup held on the 20th of this month, the whistle used by the referee in Japan vs. Russia. I came.

I brought James Owen from Hong Kong and Ron Rutland from South Africa who are doing adventures and charities on bicycles.

The two who left the UK in February arrived in Osaka by ferry on the 12th of this month, and stopped by Shizuoka Prefecture, where one of the game venues was located, on the way to Tokyo where the opening race was held.

They visited the eastern elementary school in Iwata city on the morning of the 17th and received welcome from their children.

The children who were shown a special whistle stamped with the date of the opening game on September 20 were looking seriously.

After that, they visited Ecopa Stadium in Fukuroi City, the venue of the game, to see the ground and take a commemorative photo.

Mr. Owen said, “I hope this tournament will be an opportunity to spread the fun of rugby. I want to support Japan.”

The two will travel to various places in the prefecture until the 18th, then leave for Tokyo and hand the whistle directly to the referee the day before the opening.