Cancellation of the offer due to HIV infection is illegal. Order for compensation to corporations Sapporo District Court, September 17, 12:11

The Sapporo District Court said that a man in Hokkaido sued a social welfare corporation where he had been employed as an unsuccessful cancellation of a job offer because he had not told HIV / AIDS to cause HIV. The risk of infecting the surroundings is small, and there is no obligation to tell the fact of the infection. "

A man in his thirties living in Hokkaido decided last year because he had been given a job as a social worker in a hospital and was able to see his past medical records without permission and was known to have been infected with HIV, and he did not tell him at the interview. Was sought for compensation of 3.3 million yen, including a consolation fee, from the social welfare corporation “Hokkaido Social Work Association” in Sapporo, which operates the hospital.

In a ruling on the 17th, President Takaaki Muto of the Sapporo District Court said, “HIV is supposed to be infected only in exceptional circumstances. It is so small that it can be ignored.

In addition, he pointed out that the hospital's facts about the infection of men based on past medical records also infringed on privacy by using medical information for other purposes, and ordered social welfare corporations to compensate for 1.65 million yen. It was.

Plaintiff male "I am glad to be able to step in and be happy"

The plaintiff's man who responded to the interview after the ruling said, “I am very happy to have been accepted in the judiciary that illegal treatment of HIV-infected persons is illegal. I think that discrimination and prejudice will not disappear immediately. I want as many people as possible to have the right knowledge about HIV. "

Social welfare corporation "announces comments on tomorrow's homepage"

The social welfare corporation “Hokkaido Social Work Association” says, “I can't comment because the judgment has not arrived. As soon as the judgment has arrived, I will announce the comment on the homepage.”