When Real Madrid as the last major club started a women's team, it was a definitive confirmation that the major clubs have entered and bet. This has meant that Swedish clubs have lagged behind and can no longer compete for Champions League titles and more.

At the same time, in principle, all of the national team's younger talents - such as Madelen Janogy, Nathalie Björn and Anna Anvegård - remain in the All Swede. Nilla Fischer does not think it is certain that they should neither stop nor go abroad.

- As a younger player it is extremely important to have playing time. So it depends a bit on how good you are. If you have the opportunity to play in a club that is fighting to win the Champions League, it is a pleasure to be so good and that I think you should take advantage of, she says and continues:

- I think you should think about how to develop in the best way and right now I think all Swedes are a good step out in the biggest clubs. But there is no answer to that question.

Sweden has traditionally had world players on the women's side but it is now missing - is there any player in Sweden who can reach that level?

- There sure is. We must see, everything also depends on how the player develops, but it is no secret that allsvenskan has a tough job ahead of them to successfully compete with the top clubs, she says and continues:

- But you can list a couple of national team players who were in and took bronze in the summer that can get there.

Fischer returned home this summer, after six years in Wolfsburg, while the women's soccer world took new steps. But despite the unsuccessful autumn for Linköping, there are no thoughts on once again going abroad for the 35-year-old.

- I have a contract for two more years after this season. I am extremely happy to be back and play in the Swedish and very happy with my six years abroad, says the defender.