Slovenian mountaineer Davo Karnicar, the first man to lower Everest on skis, died at age 56 while cutting down a tree near his home. The exact circumstances of the accident, which took place on Monday in Jezersko, have not yet been clarified.

On October 7, 2000 Karnicar made history in mountaineering by completing a complete descent from the top of the planet, of 8,848 meters of altitude, in about four and a half hours.

Over the next six years, the highest mountains on each continent also descended. In 2001, Kilimanjaro went down and in 2006 Mont Vinson, the highlight of Antarctica. He also closed his deeds at Aconcagua and Mac Kinley.

In 1995 he had become the first to descend the Annapurna, in the Himalayas, with his brother Andrej. Just two years ago he had to give up the descent of the K2, the second top of the world, for backaches and bad weather conditions.

Resident in the mountainous region of Jezersko, on the border between Austria and Slovenia, Karnicar had been part of the Yugoslav national ski team.

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