Rugby World Cup opening match Japan's opponent Russia practiced on September 16 at 16:55

The Russian national team, who will face the opening game with Japan at the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament, which will start four days later, released their practice, and the captain spoke with enthusiasm that he wanted to put all his power into the opening game without thinking about the future. Did.

Russia, which is ranked 20th in the world ranking, has participated in the second World Cup for the first time in two tournaments, and is in the same group A as Japan, which is ranked 10th in the world in the first league. The

Russian players practiced in Saitama city on the 16th, and first sweated for about an hour at the gym. The players warmed their bodies by squatting and hanging with a barbell weighing 120 kg.

After that, only 15 minutes of practice on the ground were released, and Yuri Kushalinov, who serves as the standoff of the command tower, confirmed the feel of the kick he was good at.

Captain and full-back Wassily Artemiyev, who responded to the interview after the practice, said, “We are very well prepared and everyone is focused. I wanted to pour. " In addition, Kushinarov said, “We are wary of Yu Tamura who is the same standoff,” and “Japan is better for us, but we can advance the game at our own pace without matching the Japanese tempo. "I want to make it."