Great regurgitation phenomenon at the Chinese River during the Mid-Autumn Festival September 16 at 9:07

A large amount of seawater flowed violently from the estuary to the upstream in the river flowing through eastern China, and the area was crowded with many visitors.

`` Zhenjiang River '' flowing through Zhejiang Province in eastern China has a wide estuary and has a terrain where the width of the river suddenly narrows toward the upstream, and when the tide is full, the phenomenon of reverse flow of sea water from the estuary occurs It is known that.

Every year, during the “Mid-Autumn Festival”, which is the 15th night of Japan, the backflow phenomenon becomes the most intense in one year because the tides are particularly large.

In China, it was sometimes a long holiday for the Mid-Autumn Festival, and many people visited the park near the river mouth from all over China, witnessing an unusual phenomenon in which the tides flowed back with intense noise.

Because this phenomenon occurs twice a day according to the tides, it is crowded with people who want to enjoy the tide backflowing in the moonlight while watching the beautiful moon in the middle of autumn. It was.

Local authorities expect that the tide will be much more enjoyable than last year, but on the other hand, there have been accidents where spectators have been exposed to waves in the past, calling for attention to safety. The