• Chronicle: Spain shouts again ba-lon-ces-to: world champion after crushing Argentina
  • Opinion: Saitama made them giants, Beijing makes them eternal
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When the United States confirmed the worst World Cup in its history, all eyes turned to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games . A summer in which the technical direction of USA Basketball hopes to reunite its Dream Team , the one that already won Spain in the final of Beijing 2008 and London 2012 and in the semifinals of Rio 2016 . Olympic gold and the constellation of stars as a solution to failure. The Games as balm for the United States. A headache for the Spanish team.

The title is an unexpected triumph with an unexpected template. A victory that paves the way and removes pressure towards Games that have been seen for years as the end point of Pau Gasol . Big words. Without Pre-Olympic , Scariolo awaits a year of reflection thinking about the twelve that will represent Spain, because perhaps a quick defeat in the World Cup would have made things easier for the Italian: forget the tournament, summon Sergio Rodriguez, Mirotic or Ibaka and Pau and thank those who came to China. Just what the US will do. But the victory of Spain has triggered the roles of secondary players such as Claver, Ribas or Juancho . It will be a painful decision in the sentimental and dangerous, also, in the sports. And as an example, the 2014 World Cup soccer team, delivered to honor its great generation and falling defeated to the first exchange with Casillas, Xavi, Xabi Alonso and Villa . The danger of focusing on the tribute rather than the competition.

Pau , who has not been a starter in the NBA for several seasons, will turn 40 and if the physicist respects him during his first season in Portland , he has already made it clear that he wants to be to say goodbye to the big team. On the positive side, the example of Scola and the superior that Pau has always shown in FIBA ​​basketball. The role you should have will be solved in the following months of the season. From there, the others. Marc committed to this World Cup after playing more than 100 games this year, will turn 35 in January and will be a free agent in 2020. He was not in Rio and yes in 2017, and after lifting the title the easiest thing is to think about what is going to accompany Pau in what will be the last Games of both.

Rudy would step on Tokyo with 35 years, while Llull would arrive on his way to 33, one more than Claver. Ricky Rubio crowned his third consecutive championship with the national team, and after signing this summer with Phoenix the logical thing would be to rest, but the farewell of some of his friends and the possibility of playing his fourth Games before his 30th birthday forces him to think that will be. The Hernangómez do not usually fail, unless they do not enter the coach's plans, and the two great unknowns are the Chacho , who will turn 34, and Mirotic , who will arrive with 29. Both were in 2015 and in Rio, and the Chacho repeated in 2017. With Mirotic there is always the debate with Ibaka because only one can go, although the Raptors have not attended a tournament with the national team since the 2014 World Cup, summer in which Spain led, and failed in the quarterfinals, with the Best squad he has ever had. That one, except for Calderón, Navarro and Reyes, can repeat again at the Tokyo farewell .

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