- I still have problems in everyday life. Therefore, it feels impossible to continue. I don't feel good enough to be able to play hockey and right now I can't even live a fully normal life, says Andreas Enqvist in a press release.

Spångafostrade Engqvist came to Djurgården at the age of 17 and broke through the 2009/2010 season. There were two seasons in the NHL with Montreal and another five in the KHL before. In 2017, he returned to Djurgatan and started the season as team captain.

- I felt as close to a hundred as possible. I was in good shape. Then it did not hold true, I got one to slap. But I kept telling myself that I would come back. I've wanted to play hockey again more than anything else, says Engqvist.

But there have only been about 20 matches in the animal jersey since the return and the two years have been marked by repeated bangs to the head. The most recent came in last year's home premiere against Rögle. Since then he has not been able to play ice hockey. The message that his career is now over, therefore, did not come as a surprise.