“It's only frustrating,” Kaseki Motosekiwaki retired on September 16, 12:51

This month, the popular sumo wrestlers gained popularity and this month's retired Grand Sumo Yoshikazu Motoki Sekiwaki and Nakamura's parents met and were relieved to say that they only have regret.

Former Sekiwaki Yoshifumi Nakamura is 37 years old from Saiki City, Oita Prefecture. In the corner world, it was a small but well-thought-out push, and at the beginning of 2016, it became a new Sekiwaki that took 59 places from the second slowest new entry in history. However, in June, during a training camp in Saiki City, he suffered an injury from his right knee laparotomy and closed Nagoya. On the 12th of this month, he retired from the current position, where the numbering was reduced to the seventh in Nishi-Jouji, and the name “Nakamura” was attacked.

Motosekiwaki Kafu Nakamura's parents met at a hotel in Tokyo on the 16th. First, “I couldn't have imagined that I could be active until the age of 37. Under the guidance of the parents, I was able to do this until the year. I would like to thank everyone who gave me. " As for the circumstances that led to injuries and retirement decisions that led to retirement, it was clear that the right knee was injured when going down the mountain stream at a PR event in Saiki in June. After that, he explained, “There was paralysis on the ankles and it was difficult to walk without wearing a brace. I continued rehabilitation, but I felt it was tough to stand on the earth.”

As for the most memorable thing, in the summer of 2014 when it was a new Koi, the most defeated by Ozeki's rare village was “I lost it, but it was impressive that I received the greatest encouragement” I said. And when I was asked if there was any regret in my earthen life, “I have to regret it. "I am very sorry," he did not hide his disappointment.

Motosekiwaki Kafu Nakamura's parents will continue to rehabilitate, and will give guidance to the next generation as a parent with a tail wheel room.