The former World Champion Gamache started training the Sundsvall zone seven years ago.

After the honorable loss of points against Tyson Fury in Las Vegas yesterday, he expressed his pride over the adept's efforts.

- It was a fantastic coward. He met the best heavyweight in the world and pushed him into the end. It was he who took the match to Fury in the 12th round and had him out badly. He made us all proud, says Gamache to SVT Sport in the dressing room just after the match.

He surprised many, but did he surprise you too?

- I know what he is capable of, but sometimes you need to see it in sharp position to be reminded of it. Otto showed that he belongs on this level.

"Think Fury was surprised"

The Swede has been sentenced in advance as a "simple" opponent for Tyson Fury. Gamache believes the British were surprised by Wallin's capabilities.

- Yes, I think he was surprised by Otto's courage, heart and ability. It was he who gave Fury a nasty wound to the eye, and then Fury returned in the twelfth round.

Gamache describes the effort as a message to all the heavyweights in the world.

- And to all world rankings, promoters and other boxing people that "wow, this Otto Wallin can fight". He has only 21 professional matches in his career and this was his first real test.

When do you want to see Wallin in the ring again?

- Now I want him to take two to three months off before the next match. And it may be against an easier opponent, haha.


Here, Fury rushes in to hug Wallin