Para swimming boy Suzuki 4th medal is not fixed in Tokyo Para, September 15 9:11

The World Championship of Para Swimming held in the UK is a class of men's 200-meter freestyle motor dysfunction on the 14th day of the tournament. Updated to win a silver medal. Although this was the fourth medal for the tournament, the Tokyo Paralympics entry was not decided.

At the World Championships of Para Swimming in London, England, the winning Japanese player will be selected as the representative of the Tokyo Paralympic Games, and if he enters the second place, he will be given a place in Japan.

On the 14th day of the tournament, Suzuki, who has already won three medals so far in the Japanese Captain, has advanced to the final of the men's 200 meters freestyle motor impairment class.

Suzuki took the lead with a speedy swim from the start, but in the end he was reversed by Russian Zudanov Roman, and was unable to make an appointment for the Tokyo Paralympics in this event.

Suzuki's time was 2 minutes 53 seconds 22, which was 5 seconds 40 times shorter than the previous record in Japan, and the fourth medal was won.

The winner, Zudanov Roman, marked a new world record of 2: 53.06, which shortened the previous world record by 2.75.

In the 50-meter backstroke motor dysfunction class, 49-year-old Mayumi Narita, who won the most gold medal in the Paralympic Games, was fourth in 47.81.

In the mixed 400-meter relay in which two men and women in the visually impaired class will be swimming at the Tokyo Games, the boys will be Keiichi Kimura and Space Player Tomita, and the girls will be Tomomi Ishiura and Ayano Sakaiuchi. It was 7th in 4 minutes 16 seconds 90.

Suzuki: “I ’ll do my best to be number one next year”

Takayuki Suzuki, who won the silver medal in the men ’s free-form motor impairment class, said, “I ’m so happy because I did n’t think it ’d be a good time so far. I want to do my best to be the first place next year. ”I was looking at the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Narita "This is my current ability"

Narumi Mayumi, who took 4th place in a class of motor dysfunction with a 50m backstroke for women, said, “I think I was 3rd in 4th place, but I think this is my current ability. After reflecting on it, I would like to switch to the tomorrow race. ”