There is "strategy of the famous general" behind Maeda's self-run MGC Women's September 15 23:26

The “General's Strategy” was a perfect race. Honami Maeda, who won the MGC women's race, took a long spart from around 20 km and grabbed an Olympic ticket.

Tenmaya's director Yutaka Takehiro, who welcomed Maeda who cut the finish tape, said, “I did my best” while supporting the shoulders of “Mana Disciple”.

The race proceeded according to the strategy previously revealed by Wuhan. Thirty-five years of coaching director Wuyi, a 30-year-old instructor, is a “general general” in the women's marathon world that has sent athletes to the Olympic Games four times in a row.

When I interviewed in July, director Takeshi told me some of the strategies:
“I think that there are many people who think that the game will be the last climb, but the game is decided at that point.”

"Last climb". It clearly denied most of the expectation that this “uphill” from over 35 km would be the key to the game.

Decide the game by “before” the hill. The target I was conscious of was Ayuko Suzuki and Mizuo Matsuda. We are proud of our speed. The view that “I can't do it in the last spurt game” had the supervision of other teams. However, Director Takeshi was hungry two months before MGC.

It was Maeda that Director Takeshi expected to fit the strategy. Maeda's big weapon is an aggressive mechanism from the first half. It is backed by “abundant amount of practice” that Director Takeshi, who has been teaching for 30 years, praises “excellent”.

Director Wuhan instructed him to go ahead at his own pace in the training camp without matching his practice partner. This is because it was thought that the improvement of Maeda's strengths would win MGC.

“I want to run at my own pace regardless of other players”
When I interviewed the training camp, Maeda, who spoke that way, felt that he fully understood the director's thoughts.

The biggest player, Maeda, who spurted at his own timing, overwhelmed his rivals.

After the race, Director Takeshi said, “As expected, the last climb will be somehow if you go to the beginning. It was.

Director Takeru, who won the MGC of “one-shot game” by improving the power of the players. From his experience, he stressed that “to go with his own rhythm” like this time is important in order to fight in production as “I couldn't do my best in situations where I was swayed by foreign players”.

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of strategy this time will go to the fifth stage.