Akemi Masuda “It was a great effect to have a sense of air in one game” September 15th, 17:27

Akemi Masuda, who acted as NHK navigator looking back at the MGC = marathon grand championship, where two male and female representatives of the Tokyo Olympic marathon were decided, evaluated that it was a race with great expectations for the real Olympics. .

Mr. Masuda analyzed the cause of the victory for women's races, saying that “It was a race where everyone was desperate. Honan Maeda, who won the championship, had the intuition that he was here in the race.”

“Tenmaya ’s director, Takeshi Maeda, who belonged to Maeda, has been instructing thoroughly to make the race by himself, but the teaching was a live race. Praised.

On top of that, Maeda said, “Despite the high pace of this heat, he did not fall on the hill. The fact that he showed strength against heat and moisture is a factor that can be greatly expected for next year's Tokyo Olympics.” did.

On the other hand, about the fact that Mizuo Matsuda, who was listed as one of the winning candidates before the race, finished fourth, “I couldn't cope with the fast pace at the beginning of the race because the uphill at the end of the race was too competitive. It was the strength of Matsuda that calmly pursued in the second half, but it was a difference from Maeda that it was a passive race. "

As for the men ’s race, “Takumi Nakamura wasn't expecting to win, but I think this was the result of quietly practicing his own fighting spirit and practicing at his own pace. “It was too fast. I think I was able to respond to my body with this heat.”

As for Nakamura, who won the championship, “Fujishima ’s manager, Fukushima, said,“ Nakamura is really interesting because it ’s so strong in the heat. ” I felt that I was very confident in the practice while it was hot. "

Looking back on MGC as a whole, “Tensions were completely different from before the start, and it was a great effect that I felt a sense of air in a one-shot game in the previous year of the Olympics. "We will be able to overcome and prepare for the Olympics in almost a year, so I think that the interests of Japan will come to life in that sense."