Yankees Tanaka 5 times 4 runs and won and lost September 14th 13:25

Major League Baseball, Yankees general pitcher Masaru Tanaka started the game against Blue Jays on the 13th and did not win or lose with 4 runs, throwing 5 times.

Tanaka pitcher has achieved 10 wins and 8 losses so far this season, and on the 13th, he started 4 days in the match against Blue Jays in Toronto, Canada.

Tanaka once showed a good start, gathering the changing balls low and taking out two strikes in a row with his favorite split and slider.

However, after hitting a solo home run twice and losing one point, he hit timely hits four times and five times, and then lost the mound with five points leading one point.

Tanaka pitched 5 strikes and took 6 strikeouts, hit 8 hits and scored 4 goals.

After this, the team was tied seven times, so Tanaka could not win or lose, and the 11th win was carried over.

The game went on overtime with the same score, and the Yankees lost 12 times and 5-6.