Tomorrow's Olympic marathon representative selection race

Tokyo Olympic marathon representative selection race MGC = Marathon Grand Championship will be held in Tokyo on the 15th, and a mixed race is expected for both men and women.

The MGC will be held on the same course as the Tokyo Olympics except for the start and finish, and the first and second place will be selected as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics on the spot for both men and women.

30 boys and 10 girls are scheduled to participate in the race, and the boys are expected to be centered on old and new Japanese record holders, Jie Osako and Yuta Shigaraki, and girls have track record achievements Ayuko Suzuki. A big melee battle is expected mainly by players and Mizuo Matsuda.

Preparations for the race on the 15th are progressing along the roadside, and a gate and a podium were set up near the ginkgo trees on the start and finish of Meiji Jingu Gaien.

In Tokyo on the 15th, it is predicted that the temperature will rise to nearly 30 degrees Celsius, and the Japan Athletics Federation has increased the water supply location more than doubled as usual, and also prepared ice bags etc. so that athletes can cool their bodies It is supposed to be a countermeasure.

The race will start at 8:50 am for boys and 9:10 am for girls on the 15th, and NHK will broadcast the women's race on the general TV and Radio 1 and will also stream live on PCs and smartphones. .

Yuko Arimori Women's Race Prospect “The Last Slope is a Gachinko Game”

As for MGC approaching on the 15th, Yuko Arimori, who won the medal for the second consecutive Olympic Games in Barcelona and Atlanta, said, “I think it will be tense, but I think it will be the key to whether or not it can be considered a good experience.” I looked forward.

Mr. Arimori will explain NHK's MGC women's race.

Mr. Arimori said about the women ’s race: “There are 10 girls and I ’m looking forward to seeing high-level players fighting. I ’m fighting with the tension that I ’ve never seen before. I want you to do it. "

About feelings toward an unprecedented "one-shot game" "Naturally I feel nervous but I feel tired if I think the tension is bad. Do you think it is a good experience to be present where you can be nervous?" I think that will be the key to the game. "

On the other hand, with regard to the place of the race, “Everyone thinks that the last hill will be a gachinko game”, pointed to the end of the “slope” that continued from 35 kilometers, “ I don't think many players think it will be a game, so I want to shake it down before the hill and keep it in the same number and situation that I can fight even when I ’m not perfect. ” I expected to see a place to come.

On top of that, he said, “I have n’t changed anything this day. I think it ’s best to eat and sleep properly anyway.”